According to John's gospel the last words spoken by Jesus on the cross are: "It has been fulfilled". What he considered his mission has now been accomplished fully. In his actions he has been the sign of God's purpose for society. With words he has expounded it indefatigably. Resolutely he withstood the people who resented it or who opposed the way he did it. The resulting conflicts and the prevailing law of the jungle took him to the cross. John however sees this cross not only as an instrument of torture but also as a throne. His story relates how Pilate twice showed Jesus to the rabble, decked in a crown of thorns and a purple cloak of royalty around his shoulders. The second time he commented ironically but nevertheless correctly: "Behold thy king". This is how Ted Felen has depicted Jesus after his crucifixion. He too sees the cross as a throne. Therefore the crucifixion is also the accession to the throne. Jesus crucified is not a loser but a winner, or rather thé winner. The cloak of pain of the previous stations has been transformed into a cloak of royalty. It hangs behind him, in the middle already showing the beginning of the glowing light of the red of dawn appearing on the distant horizon. It is too early to look beyond, but I cannot help thinking of a passage in the Book of Wisdom, quoting the statements of the foolish who had previously threatened the just: "So that was the man whom we ridiculed with our mockery... How is it possible! Now he is truly counted among the sons of God. The just receive their reward by the Lord. The Almighty takes care of them. From him they receive a triumphant crown and a sparkling diadem".